What Do I Need to Know to Age in Place?

This is Joe of Aging Issues Management. I have 35 plus years of experience helping people age into and through retirement, answering both their financial and life strategy questions.   

In this episode of Aging Issues Radio, I spoke with Glenn Shapiro of 101 Mobility.

After extensive experience in the business community, Glen chose to join 101 Mobility to help individuals stay in their home and age in place safely using the proper modifications and assistance.      

Listen in and learn how:

  • You can age in place
  • You can create a safe environment to live in
  • You can stay in the home you’ve known for many years and maintain independence and quality of life
  • You can get the answers for those financial decisions and the impact they will have on your retirement and your survivors.


If you’d like more information about aging in place, visit my website at https://www.agingissuesmgnt.com, call me at 914-468-0186, or email me at joe@agingissuesmgnt.com.

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