Our mission at Aging Issues Management is to help individuals and families plan better to live better

A.I.M. starts the process with a personalized, confidential interview to identify the decisions that stress you the most such as housing, insurance, healthcare, retirement and end-of-life planning, etc.

We help you act on the needed decisions quickly and responsibly. Let Aging Issues Management help you address your planning needs now and in the future.

The Stages of Life

Learn About Retirement, Housing and Other Decisions during the various stages throughout life.


Beginning of Life

You have graduated high school or college and you’re off to your first job, making money; it’s a good time to begin to understand the basics of Financial Planning. You need to understand budgeting and investments. Aging Issues Management is here to help educate you.

Thinking about Retirement

You are now thinking about what happened in the past and what you’ll be facing in the future. Plans for children’s education. Plans for retirement. But it’s time to start to look at where you are against these goals. Now is the time that you need to start to check where you will be financially for the rest of your life.

I Need Some Assistance

The human body is a machine. Both muscular and memory. At some point, it is likely, we will need some assistance. Whether it be simply transferring from a chair to standing up. Or, remembering how to transfer from the chair. We at Aging Issues Management have expertise helping Individuals plan. At this stage, financially, and we have the strategies on how to identify all the resources available. Medicaid. Planning is an important part.

Having a Partner and Family

You now have obligations. Maybe a mortgage. Maybe children and someone else is dependent on you. Insurance and future financial planning are extremely important. Let Aging Issues Management help you identify your insurance needs to protect your partner and family.


When you make that decision. There are a lot of questions and issues you will face. There are questions on Social Security. There are questions on Medicare. And there are questions on “Do I have adequate resources to provide for my family for the rest of our lives”. You need to be prepared.


Unfortunately, as the quote goes, in life there’s nothing definite except taxes and death. We help people plan to both reduce taxes and provide for survivors. We plan for both of them.  Life estate, Medicaid estate and survivor planning for all is important. We review all documents to make sure they are up to date and that they actually provide issues for the issues that you brought.

Positive Planning for all stages of life.

As we age, we demand specialists in our health needs, so why not in our housing and equity needs as well? Aging Issues Info helps senior citizens with family financial decisions related to housing and the financial effects on retirement.


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Planning FAQ's

As we age there are serious questions we have to start asking ourselves and our families.

When do I start planning?

It is never too early and at the same time never too late. When issues are thought about, plans should be made. As an advisor its our job to get you to think about the issues we all face in our retirement years. Let us help you make plans.

What’s the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?

Medicare is health insurance for all people over the age of 65. Medicaid is for the impoverished. Clients with proper legal advice can plan to eventually qualify for Medicaid assistance. Contact us for information on Medicaid Planning.

When should I take Social Security at age 62, 67, or 70?

The answer is individualized to each person’s own situation. We can help you make the decision taking advantage of every strategy available to maximize lifetime benefits or meet current income needs.

When do need to apply for Medicare?

You need to apply generally within a nine month window of your 65th birthday or face penalties. There are exceptions so call to find out if they apply.

Do I need a Long-term Care Plan?

The statistics say yes, We all know families who are affected by the need to arrange care for a parent if not for a spouse. Having a plan in place can help reduce both the emotional and financial burdens care placed on families. There are new options that can meet needs both now and in the future.

How much money do I need to be able to retire?

Not an easy question, it depends on many factors and future assumptions. We conduct a thorough interview and analysis incorporating future income, expenses, resources as well as your plans. It’s a financial plan that we develop with you.

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