Medicaid Planning Done Right

If you are facing the prospect of paying thousands for the cost of nursing home care or in-home care, perhaps the necessity of applying for Medicaid assistance to avoid spending thousands of dollars of your savings has crossed your mind.

If so, there is much to know. However, the main point to remember is: You need a team of experienced Planners to help educate and guide you successfully through the process.

The experienced elder care planners at the Westchester County, New York, Aging Issues Management, are those advisors.

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We Are Knowledgeable And Highly Experienced

At Aging Issues Management, our primary focus is elder planning and has been so for decades. Because it is our primary focus, we stay on top of all the recent legislative and regulatory rule changes regarding Medicaid, and we understand how they affect our clients.

Some of the Medicaid issues we’ve helped our clients with include:

We offer comprehensive nursing home advice, from facility selection through admission and Medicaid eligibility, spousal refusal and related issues such as approval and fair hearings if necessary.

Knowing the right classification will save you money.

If you’d like to protect your assets and qualify for Medicaid, it requires more than just doing a quit claim deed.

Helping you or your loved one remain at home and receive appropriate care at home is a significant focus of our elder law practice.

We can help you use spousal refusal to obtain nursing home Medicaid care or Medicaid home care.

Retirement Planning

Asset And Income Compilation

Medicaid Eligibility Determination And Planning

What Medicaid Planners Do: A Simplified Overview

Medicaid eligibility is intricate, with rules varying by state and program. The application process is time-consuming, and denials can significantly impact applicants and their families.

Medicaid Planners assist clients in:

  • Structuring Finances: They help organize financial resources to enhance acceptance chances.
  • Creating Trusts: Trusts are used strategically to meet eligibility criteria.
  • Managing Asset Transfers: Converting countable assets into exempt ones.
  • Protecting Family Homes: Preventing Medicaid recovery.
  • Ensuring Spousal Support: Managing finances for a healthy spouse during care assistance.


Remember, Medicaid Planners play a crucial role in navigating this complex system.

If you have specific questions regarding how your situation affects qualifying for Medicaid, please give us a call.

Will Paying For Care Drain Your Savings?

You have worked hard investing your money and saving for retirement. But what if you or your spouse suffers an injury or illness that results in the need for nursing home care or home health care services? Would your hard-earned savings be drained and your family’s financial security be in jeopardy?

Losing all of your savings to pay for nursing home care or home health care is not inevitable, if you plan now. Aging Issues Management can help you secure your future and your family’s financial stability.

 Now is the time  to start planning for your future.