Where will my Retirement Income come from?

https://vimeo.com/772599879 I’d like to talk to you about something interesting tonight. See, everyone wonders where their money will come from when they go into retirement. Most of the time, it creates a lot of stress. We’re going to go over some of the basic portions of income planning in retirement. We’ll start with the basics […]

Why Aging Issues Management?

Hi. I’m Joe. I’m here to talk about how to handle aging issues. The big question you may have is – why would you want to deal with Aging Issues Management? https://vimeo.com/772566748 Listening is what we do. No matter what issues you may face, whether they relate to money, health care, or real estate, we […]

The 4 Seasons of Retirement

https://vimeo.com/771210857 Hello, my name is Joe, and I’m videoing from my backyard.  Just like there are four seasons, there are four stages of retirement that you need to know about.  During each of the four stages, you need to do different things. Let’s talk about spring. I’m going to use spring as the first stage of retirement. I refer to them as the “go go” years. This is your first few years of retirement, and you want to do things.  You want to do something different.  But what do you think you’re doing? You’re preparing for what’s to come. You might be planting in the spring. You might be getting ready for the next part of your retirement. I might stay […]

What you need to know to be Financially Fit in 2022

Come join Joe of Aging Issues Management in a riveting discussion on how to become financially fit in 2022!   The following topics will be discussed:   Financial planning – what goes into a plan and questions to ask yourself Market volatility – what’s my Risk Tolerance and how should I be invested Hedged investments with […]

What Do I Need to Know to Age in Place?

This is Joe of Aging Issues Management. I have 35 plus years of experience helping people age into and through retirement, answering both their financial and life strategy questions.    In this episode of Aging Issues Radio, I spoke with Glenn Shapiro of 101 Mobility. After extensive experience in the business community, Glen chose to […]