Should We Stay Or Should We Go?

As we age, we demand specialists for our health needs, so why not for our housing needs as well? Aging Issues Management helps senior citizens with family financial decisions related to housing and the effects on retirement.

Deciding to Relocate or an Age-In-Place?
We can help.

We provide support with the financial decision before, during and after the sale of a family residence. In the case of Aging-In-Place, we can recommend ideal renovations to create a barrier-free environment for those who have mobility difficulties. We do our best to create a harmonious and seamless blending of efforts during this stressful time.

WE CAN PROVIDE IDEAS ON: is an excellent resource to learn about senior housing options including family and lifestyle decisions related to housing.

Modern Ideas, Modern Living: Home Design and Planning for the Lifestyle You Want discusses people’s changing environmental needs and wants with age, examines elements of the age-friendly home and neighborhood, and provides checklists for homeowners thinking about the future.

Simple Solutions: Practical Ideas and Products to enhance Independent Living is a guidebook featuring more than 200 simple design ideas and household products that can make your home more comfortable, convenient and safe.

Fire Sense: A Smart Way to Prevent, Detect and Escape Home Fires Fire safety is not a one-time project. You must continually be on guard against the fire hazards in your home. This valuable booklet can help you and your family prevent, detect and escape home fires.

We assist you with crafting a housing plan with your financial goals in mind.

We help develop a 4-step Comprehensive Housing Analysis to ensure financial and housing stability for all family members as they age.



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